• Despite PIAB’s rebranding effort in 2008, almost as many people still search in Google for “personal injuries assessment board” or “piab” than either “injuriesboard.ie” or “injuries board”.

  • According to Google* the average number of search queries per month in Ireland for “piab” is 2,900 vs 4,500 for “injuries board”.

  • By far the largest (weighted) volume of search queries in Google for Injuries Board/PIAB claims services are from Dublin and Limerick users.


Back on the 19 June 2008, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (aka PIAB) marked a significant departure in their branding identity with a press release from CEO Patricia Byron with the following title;


InjuriesBoard.ie is the new web-friendly identity of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board [‘PIAB’] which today launched a comprehensive range of new and enhanced services. (…link to original)

Although the agency had only been in existence for four years previously (launched 7 September 2004), they seemed keen to dump their original public identity for what must have been deemed a more web-friendly moniker.

(*Update: For information on the Injuries Board claims process visit our practice page )


As is apparent from the graph below, evidently “PIAB” remains an enduring brand which raises questions as to whether the exercise has benefitted the claims agency’s public profile or diffused it in the public mind.


As we have posted previously, there is a battle royal taking place on the web between personal injury solicitors, claims aggregation companies and the Injuries Board to win claimant business away from each other. The above graph demonstrates how enduring their original identity has been and one wonders if it has been an effective move from a marketing standpoint.

InjuriesBoard.ie (as they really like to be now known) are doubtless aware of these multiple brand issues as the domain www.piab.ie now seems to be frame forwarded to the injuriesboard.ie website and Google actually seems to favour the piab.ie domain when a search is made for the “injuries board”.

Strangely yet, there is another one of their domains at large, https://piab-injuriesboard.ie/ which points to a similar live albeit broken website which is still indexed in Google – perhaps a forgotten orphan of their attempts at brand migration.

The phrase “injuriesboard.ie” only gets a lowly 170 queries per month according to the Google keyword estimator tool – and notwithstanding that most people would put a domain name into the browser bar rather than a search bar, as the domain itself is the brand one would have expected a much higher volume.

“Injuries” is a very frequently misspelt word (had to spellcheck it myself just there!) and notwithstanding that having it in a domain name is an advantage in ranking for related queries, one wonders if the agency had put all their firepower behind the simpler ”PIAB” alone as a offline and online brand, might it have been more effective?

Personal injury solicitors will doubtless be happy to contribute their own online marketing experiences and advice to help the agency out with their good work!

 *Data is based on estimations from Google keyword and trends tools