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Irish Motorists could get Compensation for Court Fines Fiasco

Another week, another Garda scandal! We have now learned that a systems error within the Garda organisation had resulted in 14,700 motorists being wrongly summoned to court and convicted of various motoring offences. In essence these 14,700 people should never have ended […]

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Choosing a Solicitor: 6 Important Tips You Should Know

A recent case heard before the president of the High Court concerning a solicitor who has been struck off the roll of solicitors for misconduct, highlights the need for every person to make sure that when hiring a solicitor, they […]

The old reliables of death & taxes arise again with modern family treatment on RTE Liveline show

This particular radio programme concerned how step-children within an increasingly common modern family scenario may have different tax treatments in an inheritance context. I had the rare occasion of listening to Joe Duffy’s Liveline when driving back to the office from […]

Breach of Contract: Another Celtic Tiger Tale

In the High Court last week, judgment was entered against a property developer Ian Cahill for the sum of €969,986 for his failure to proceed with the purchase of the historic Loftus Hall at Hook Head, County Wexford. In what […]

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Lawyer Email Scammers: Why they are so naive…like a fox!

We lawyers are a cautious if not downright cynical breed betimes. We are trained to be and indeed paid to be – as protectors of the interests of the clients we serve.  So why are lawyers one of the most […]

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Getting legal advice from your solicitor is privileged

An interesting decision from the UK Supreme Court illustrates how important it is that when you are seeking legal advice that you get it from a solicitor.   It seems obvious enough that you would get legal advice from a […]

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Probate Fraud: Where there’s a will there’s a relative…or two

It’s not often that you hear of underhand dealings, forging of wills, deception plots, and whistleblowers, unless you are watching an episode of Midsomers Murders or its ilk but an interesting case at Wexford Circuit Criminal Court has been making […]

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Former rugby-playing Garda compensated after heroic tackle

Tipperary Garda Sargent Thomas Kelly, who heroically tackled and arrested two runaway drunk drivers within the space of 24 hours, was awarded €73,000 in damages for injuries he sustained in the course of his duties as a result of the […]

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Even lawyers can be liked…on facebook

It might be said that many if not most solicitors in Ireland have been slow to embrace social media.   For some it has been unfamiliarity with new technology and the opportunities to reach out to an audience that it […]

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  • Christmas Card for Charity - Carmody Moran Solicitors and St Francis Hospice
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  • Solicitors Christmas card donation to charity

You’re not on our Christmas card list…and here’s why…

At Carmody Moran Solicitors we are so fortunate to have so many great friends, colleagues and clients.   So perhaps the least we can do is send you a card at Christmas as a token of our appreciation? Well indeed, […]

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