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High Net Worth Divorce Solicitors in Dublin City Centre

At Carmody Moran Solicitors our specialist family law team has experience handling the sensitivity and confidentiality required for high-net-worth and high-profile separation and high-asset divorce cases and the breakdown of nonmarital couples.

Our Partners have significant experience working with high-net-worth individuals with large property portfolios and business assets. We have in the past supported a wide range of clients with varying backgrounds and either the client or their spouse or both being high net worth individuals with roles such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer’s
  • Property Developers and Landowners
  • High Profile Business Figures
  • Political Figures
  • Celebrities
  • Senior Public and Civil Servants
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • I.T. Architects and Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Hoteliers and Restauranteurs
  • Persons with International Connections

Our family law team worked with complete and total discretion for all of these different people.

We offer wider private client legal services that give us an excellent grounding in property law, complex financial settlements, pensions, mental health law, and public law, which enables us to deal with complex situations that require resolution across varying areas of legal practice.

Our partners work closely with highly regarded experts such as forensic accountants, actuaries, financial advisors, debt resolution practitioners, valuers, and pension specialists, to combine to provide practical problem-solving and joined-up service to provide resolution of complex issues. Each of our partners has over 20 years of qualification experience and brings the benefit of their significant experience to identify and avoid pitfalls, cover all of the important issues, and engage the right expertise at the right time.

We have dealt with high-asset, high-net-worth HNW, or even ultra-high-net-worth UHNW family law cases that have necessitated appearances before the Circuit Court, High Court and Court of Appeal, and even the Commercial Courts. Our partners are expert negotiators and have worked with high net-worth individuals on restructuring, property sales, and debt settlements, as part of reaching resolution of family law issues.

We will work with you in ways that best suit your needs and meets your goals. That may involve us guiding and advising in the background or representing you and fighting your corner in the courts during a high-asset divorce. Regardless of how you want to use our services, we will support you and put your and your family’s interests first.

Why choose Carmody Moran Solicitors?

Our team of leading divorce lawyers is known for their compassionate and efficient nature when dealing with relationship breakdown and divorce. We’ll work closely with you to make sure the process is easy and clear, whilst putting you in the best possible position.

Getting advice at the earliest stage can be hugely beneficial. Having a conversation with our specialist divorce lawyers will help you understand your rights, where you stand and what you need to do, and what the final resolution may look like.

Our leading Dublin divorce lawyers are well-renowned specialists who provide expert family advice in all areas of Family Law including litigation and settlements (whether by lawyer-driven negotiation and settlement or direct settlement or mediation).

We have high ethical standards and understand that this is a stressful time of life-changing decisions, we take pride in the speed and quality of our advice and actions. The combination of experience, expertise, and effective delivery results in the exceptional service for which our family team is renowned.

Our lawyers will always provide objective, realistic, and practical advice. They draw on their experience to provide an early assessment of the likely outcome of each case.

Whether you’re seeking a divorce or legal separation, our experienced team of divorce solicitors will be able to guide you through the process and advise you on the most appropriate way forward in order to achieve the desired outcome. Our Family Law team is highly experienced in financial and property disputes involving both married and unmarried couples. We have experience acting in numerous complex and high-asset cases, enabling us to offer the highest quality of service.

Frequently Asked Questions of our High Net Worth Solicitors in Dublin, Ireland

What Financial Orders can be made on separation or divorce?

A Court can make a variety of different types of financial orders, such as maintenance orders, property adjustment orders, financial compensation orders, and pension adjustment orders.

What financial information will be needed?

You will need to give full disclosure of your finances to your spouse, as will they to you, irrespective of which family law avenue you take to resolve matters.

Even if one party feels this is unfair or unduly cumbersome or expensive, full and frank disclosure is required for each party to make an informed agreement and in turn a valid and legally enforceable agreement.

An agreement made without full disclosure could be ultimately set aside if challenged which ultimately serves neither party well.

What can a husband or wife claim in a divorce?
Can a claim be made against pensions?

Yes, various types of Pension Adjustment Orders can be made, ranging from nil order to the pension being split or a portion earmarked.

Pensions are complex assets more information regarding pensions is available on the topic of pensions here. An alternative solution can be to leave the parties’ pensions alone but to change the way other assets are shared out on division.

What claims can be made against property in a divorce?

The Courts have wide ranging ability to make a variety of different types of property adjustment orders and financial compensation orders. All advices in negotiations will relate back to what is the likely outcome before a Court.

Property contributions can require detailed assessment, as contributions can be direct (i.e. the person who made the monetary payment directly), and contributions can be indirect (support may have been given in others ways, such as by acting as co-borrower, or contributing indirectly to enable the other party finance a transaction).

Who gets to keep the family home

Family law is not determined by reference to a set rule book, it provides for a set of broad principles which the Court interprets and applies to a given situation.  There is for example no rule setting out a 50/50 division of assets, although many assume that there is such a provision at law.  This is why expert legal advice from a specialist family lawyer specific to your individual situation is critical at an early stage to identify likely outcomes and possible solutions.

What is a Freezing Order?

An application can be made to a Court to freeze certain assets pending the outcome of the hearing of a family law case if they are at risk of being dissipated or put beyond reach. This is an injunctive relief and tends to be an urgent application brought to protect against assets being reduced in the context of a marital dispute for example being put outside of Ireland, the jurisdiction of the proceedings, or being transferred to a third party.

The purpose of this type of relief is to ensure assets are not put beyond the reach of the Court when the time comes for the Court to make determinations. The formal name of such a remedy is a mareva injunction. Such an injunction can be applied against third parties, such as the bank where an account with savings that are at risk is maintained. The expert family law team at Carmody Moran Solicitors has experience in bringing such applications and for specific advice to your situation, please contact us to discuss your case.

What is spousal Maintenance and will I have to pay maintenance to my spouse?

While there has been an attitude towards moving away from spousal maintenance towards endeavoring to maintain the parties independently, spousal maintenance is very much a remedy open to the Court and under Irish law, there is no clean break from the obligation to support one’s spouse or civil partner and children.

Spouses and civil partners are required to financially support each other. Maintenance is a regular payment although the Court can also make lump sum orders or periodic payment orders as part of a separation or divorce to achieve financial support obligations, as whether or not you will pay spousal maintenance is a matter of assessment in each individual case.

In Ireland, unlike in some other jurisdictions, there is no legal formula for calculating maintenance; it is up to the parties to either reach a direct agreement regarding the payment or, for the Court to decide what maintenance should be awarded. The Court will consider the income, earning capacity, property, and other financial resources of both parties. It will also consider whether either party has other financial responsibilities such as a spouse or other dependent children.

Maintenance for children is separate from spousal maintenance. There is a legal responsibility on all parents, married or unmarried, to maintain dependent children (i.e. to the age of 18 or 23 if in full-time education) in accordance with their means. Maintenance can be paid periodically (i.e., weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) or by way of lump sum / financial compensation.

Who pays the school fees and/or extracurricular activities after divorce?

Items such as school fees, gaeltacht fees, music, sport, and other extracurricular items can be agreed as periodic payments as part of maintenance, or to be split or apportioned between the parties.

What is a forensic accountant, will a forensic accountant be needed in my divorce case?

It may be necessary to involve a forensic accountant in your case if there are important actuarial calculation or comparision reports required, or if there is work to be done to trace assets through various accounts and review gaps and ommissions. This will depend upon the nature of your case.

What will happen to the family business? Is a wife always entitled to half on a divorce in Ireland?

There is no hard rule book that provides for a 50/50 division of assets in family law such as a business or investment property. Each case and asset will be reviewed individually and the applicable legal principles reviewed as to what is the likely outcome. Where there is a family business it will be in everyone’s interests that it remains financially viable and not be divided where possible and practical solutions with pragmatic advice will be key to an outcome that is workable for everyone.

What is considered a person of high net worth divorce in Ireland when divorcing?

This really is a subjective matter.  The Central Statistics Office record the wealthiest 10% of households in Ireland as being those with wealth great than €756,000, yet Revenue deem tax payers with net assets of more than €20million to be high net worth individuals.  These are likely to be persons with substantial assets such as property portfolios, shareholdings in private trading companies, and persons who are focused on growing their financial success and sustainability and passing it onto the next generation.

When it comes to family law proceedings in Ireland, where the property assets of the parties exceed three million euro (€3 million) the parties can issue proceedings in the High Court or they can elect to issue proceedings in the Circuit Court.

The type of cases can have complex issues not just around family law but also around family businesses, property law, succession, banking and financial arrangements.  At Carmody Moran Solicitors our two partners have over 40 years of professional experience so that while they are specialised in family law, they come from a broad depth of legal experience which means they can bring value not just to the family law issues arising but also to commercial arrangements and property advices and future planning.   The partners in Carmody Moran Solicitors offer specialist legal advice on all Divorce or Separation related matters to persons with assets in excess of one million euro.   For expert legal advice, please contact us in absolute confidence on telephone 018272888 or email [email protected] 

What is a high asset divorce in Ireland?

This a matter that may involve substantial and valuable assets, business ownership, valuable pensions, and other financial investments.  These divorce cases are more complex by their nature and require highly experienced legal advice to navigate not just the specialised family law matter but also the background issues that can emerge around property law, banking and financing issues, asset valuation, inherited assets, trusts, succession, tax issues and on occasion cross boarder or jurisdictional issues.  At Carmody Moran Solicitors our experienced partners have between them over 40 years in the legal practice of family law in Ireland and they understand the unique challenges of high-asset divorces and will work with you to protect your financial assets and entitlements in the process. 

Your Expert High Net Worth Family Solicitor / High Asset Divorce Lawyer in Dublin

At Carmody Moran Solicitors our experienced Family Law / Divorce solicitors in Ireland are on hand to advise and are skilled in handling all natures of Family Law / Divorce.

The two partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors have a combined total of in excess of twenty-five years of professional legal experience. Together with their associates, they aim to make the Court process as straightforward and navigable as possible while being on hand to alleviate their high-net-worth client’s concerns and worries about going through the Court process.


Anthony Carmody


Anthony Carmody is one of the founding Partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors.

He has significant experience in personal injury cases and general litigation having handled literally thousands of cases on behalf of clients based in Ireland and abroad.


Niamh Moran


Niamh Moran is one of the founding partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors and is a solicitor with wide ranging experience across all areas of general practice.

Niamh manages the family lawconveyancing in Dublin, and probate divisions of the practice. Niamh’s practice of law is extremely varied and she is regularly sought out for her expertise by clients and colleagues alike.

*While we have made every effort to provide accurate information, the law is always changing and it affects each person differently. This information is not a substitute for specific advice about you personally and it is not intended as legal advice. We will not be liable to you if you rely on this information. In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. This statement is made in compliance with Reg.8 of SI 518 of 2002.

You should note that no solicitor/client relationship or duty of care or liability of any nature shall exist or be deemed to exist between Carmody Moran Solicitors and you until you have received a written letter of engagement from us in which we confirm our appointment as your Solicitors.

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