Choosing a Solicitor: 6 Important Tips You Should Know

A recent case heard before the president of the High Court concerning a solicitor who has been struck off the roll of solicitors for misconduct, highlights the need for every person to make sure that when hiring a solicitor, they […]

26 January 2017| Legal News, personal injury| By:

No ‘Alternative Facts’ Allowed in Personal Injury Affidavits of Verification

So, apparently we now all live in a post-truth era where Donald Trump is the leader of the free world. However, unlike the new dawn heralded in by The Donald’s press secretary this weekend, the legal framework concerning ‘facts’ remains […]

24 January 2017| personal injury| By:

The old reliables of death & taxes arise again with modern family treatment on RTE Liveline show

This particular radio programme concerned how step-children within an increasingly common modern family scenario may have different tax treatments in an inheritance context. I had the rare occasion of listening to Joe Duffy’s Liveline when driving back to the office from […]

16 January 2017| Legal News, Wills & Probate| By:

Personal Injury Legal Costs & Rising Car Insurance Premiums: 4 Myths Busted!

Only days into the New Year and once again news headlines are focused on rising insurance premium costs. As the real causes of rising car cover costs are at last being laid at the door of the Irish insurance industry itself, it is […]

11 January 2017| personal injury| By:

Injuries Board Book of Quantum 2016 | Compensation Award Estimates

After a 12 year hiatus from its first publication, The Injuries Board has now released an updated version of its Book of Quantum (embedded below) which provides estimates of what the average compensation claim awards for different bodily injury types in […]

20 October 2016| personal injury| By:

Unhinged gate compensation case closes for €76,000

A nine year old girl has had a settlement offer of €76,000 approved by the President of the Circuit Court in a case for personal injury taken against Dublin City Council. FALLEN GATE CAUSE OF INJURY Sophie Gannon was compensated […]

30 January 2015| personal injury| By:

€150,000 compensation awarded to girl who was attacked by dog

A recent ruling by the High Court has approved an award to a twelve year old schoolgirl who was attacked by a Rottweiler dog and suffered severe injuries to her arm. The schoolgirl, Lauren Kelly was ‘thrown around like a […]

27 January 2015| personal injury| By:

Make a Will in 2015: Your New Years’ Resolution

Best wishes for a very happy and prosperous new year in 2015 and welcome also to Carmody Moran Solicitors’ new and improved website. It also seems opportune to suggest some new year’s resolutions with a legal flavour! The perils of […]

5 January 2015| Wills & Probate| By:

€15,000 compensation for woman who ‘should have recovered’ after 18 months

In a recent case, Judge Raymond Groarke, the President of the Circuit Court, awarded a woman €15,525 whom he had assessed as being largely recovered from her injuries within eighteen months of a car accident. The woman claimed that in […]

10 November 2014| personal injury| By:

Where there’s a will there’s a forger

A Dundalk based GP, Dr Seamus Cassidy, has pleaded guilty in Newry Crown Court to being among three conspirators involved in the faking of a will of a publican, Kitty Haughey, who died in 2004 at the age of 81. […]

21 October 2014| Wills & Probate| By: