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Accident at Work Solicitors in Blanchardstown Dublin.

Accidents at the workplace occur in many different workplace settings including construction sites, motoring incidents, restaurant kitchens, and even in moderately low-risk environments such as offices.

When someone suffers an injury through an accident at work and if there was a ‘liable party’ other than the victim (e.g. the employer), workplace injury claims can be made against an employer (most often against the latter’s insurers) and/or against related liable parties. Read below to find out if we can help you with any type of workplace injury claims today.


Claims can be made by victims of workplace accidents for;

  • Recompense for the injury including pain and sufferring (known as general damages)
  • Other damages such as special damages
  • Loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Out of pocket medical and other expenses

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Workplace accidents when they do occur proceed in the manner of general personal injury claims and in the first instance an application is made to the Injuries Board.

The Injuries Board reported that the types of accidents at work and their severity varied greatly and that they included construction mishaps such as;

  • Being hit by a forklift or digger
  • Being rear-ended while operating a forklift or other machinery
  • Crush injuries from falling pallets
  • Falling or being thrown from a forklift
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Being struck by a crane tilt
  • Accidents at work caused by not wearing safety equipment


Recently the Injuries Board highlighted the increase in certain workplace accidents that were resulting in personal injury claims in particular in relation to accidents involving lifting equipment such as forklifts and cranes. The Personal Injuries Assessment Board or PIAB is an independent state body that assesses personal injury compensation.

In 2013 40 people received compensation for accidents in the workplace involving forklifts and cranes totaling €1.3 million euro, compared to only 34 people in 2011.

The Injuries Board reported that the average compensation award for these types of accidents at work involving cranes and forklifts that resulted in fractured and broken bones and soft tissue injuries was €32,990.

Obviously, this is only an average figure which means that some compensation awards for these accidents at work were higher than this figure and some lower but it is a very real indication of the level of compensation involved.

The Injuries Board reported that one in three accidents occurred as a result of falls in the workplace. The most serious accidents at construction or factory sites remain however as a result of faulty or defective machinery.

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Carmody Moran, Accident at Work Solicitors Dublin has dealt with a variety of claims in the workplace and serious traumatic injuries.

These include incidents such as the loss of a limb including fingers and toes in involving defective machinery through to chronic back pain and other serious life-changing injuries and even injuries that unfortunately proved to be fatal.

Our Workplace Injury Solicitors Dublin handle all cases in a sensitive and compassionate way while not compromising you on first-class legal advice and guidance.

Our Workplace Injury Solicitors Dublin have also acted in conjunction with the family members of a loved one involved in the awful event of an accident at work causing death.

Carmody Moran Solicitors are uniquely placed to do this having experience of prosecuting and defending these types of accident at work claims from the initial site investigation through to fully contested Court hearings in cases where liability is at issue.

As each workplace injury case is different and needs to be assessed on its own particular circumstance, an early meeting with one of our experienced team is recommended who can discuss the case with you in confidence.

We can also answer your concerns and questions regarding the accident at work and employment law related concerns when it comes to taking an action against an employer.

Carmody Moran Solicitors offer a nationwide service in such matters, let us help you with your accident at work claims today.

Call 01-8272888 or use the enquiry form here to speak with our Accident at Work Solicitors in Blanchardstown today.

Are you an employer or contractor who is subject to an injury claim?

Carmody Moran also have a personal injury defence practice that helps employers prevent the likelihood of claims and reduce costs.

Your Expert Personal Injuries Legal Team in Blanchardstown

At Carmody Moran Solicitors our experienced accident at work solicitors are on hand to advise and skilled in handling workplace injury claims.

The two partners of Carmody Moran solicitors have a combined total of in excess of twenty five years professional legal experience. Together with their associates they aim to make the Court process as straight forward and navigable as possible while being on hand to alleviate their clients concerns and worries about going through the Court process.


Anthony Carmody


Anthony Carmody is one of the founding Partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors.

He has significant experience in personal injury cases and general litigation having handled literally thousands of cases on behalf of clients based in Ireland and abroad.


Niamh Moran


Niamh Moran is one of the founding partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors and is a solicitor with wide ranging experience across all areas of general practice.

Niamh manages the family lawconveyancing in Dublin, and probate divisions of the practice. Niamh’s practice of law is extremely varied and she is regularly sought out for her expertise by clients and colleagues alike.

*While we have made every effort to provide accurate information, the law is always changing and it affects each person differently. This information is not a substitute for specific advice about you personally and it is not intended as legal advice. We will not be liable to you if you rely on this information. In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. This statement is made in compliance with Reg.8 of SI 518 of 2002.

You should note that no solicitor/client relationship or duty of care or liability of any nature shall exist or be deemed to exist between Carmody Moran Solicitors and you until you have received a written letter of engagement from us in which we confirm our appointment as your Solicitors.


Sergey Sk
Sergey Sk
I was looking for a family law consultation and asked Carmody Moran for one. Unfortunately, they didn't have the capacity, but at least they were nice enough to call me back and reply by email.So the very least you can expect from these specialists is the right attitude (unlike from many others out there on the market), but likely a lot more!
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Madeleine N
We recently engaged Carmody Moran Solicitors for the purchase of our home, on receiving a recommendation for Caila Ryan specifically. Caila and the team were a pleasure to deal with. Caila was incredibly responsive, efficient and diligent throughout the process. As first time buyers, Caila explained all steps clearly and concisely to us, which eased our stress. Caila and the team went above and beyond for us - and accommodated ad hoc meetings when required. We highly recommend Caila and the team at Carmody Moran.
Aditya Labhe
Aditya Labhe
Caila was nothing but helpful throughout the process of me buying a new apartment. She is diligent, helpful and has great attention to detail. She was patient with me with all the questions and ensured the process was as through as possible from all the legalities stand point. A true champion for her clients. I have no hesitation recommending her.
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Jodie Osullivan
I had an absolutely fantastic experience with my solicitor! Their hard work and dedication were truly impressive. They went above and beyond to help me with my legal matters. I couldn't have asked for a better advocate. Highly recommended!
Very professional experienced solicitors and legal team in Blanchardstown Dublin 15. Anthony Carmody and Niamh Moran run a friendly and efficient practice, supported by a great legal practice team. From commercial to property law, both residential or commercial Conveyancing in Dublin to Estate Planning or Litigation and Family Law, this legal firm ranks as one of the best legal firms in the area. I found Anthony to be very astute and knowledgeable in our discussions about Litigation. His legal advice made me rethink my actions and helped me settle an issue without any unnecessary actions or outlays.
I recently engaged with Carmody Moran Solicitors for the purchase of my new home. Caila and team were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process, ensuring I was kept up to date and promptly responded to any queries I had raised. I was particularly impressed at how diligent and efficient Caila was in ensuring the purchase went as smooth as possible. Would highly recommend them for their Legal services.
Aedamar O'Toole
Aedamar O'Toole
Carmody Moran Solicitors exceeded all expectations as a Solicitor. Caila was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. She is exceptionally professional, organised and responsive. We needed her service in buying a house. She made sure that we were in the best position to make the transaction and was extremely thorough and intelligent in her work. She helped us secure the house before another interest rate hike. She went above and beyond as a solicitor and I couldn’t recommend her enough!
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Louise O'Dwyer
I recently had the pleasure of engaging Carmody Moran Solicitors for the purchase of my new home. I found Caila and the team to be extremely professional, efficient and they kept the whole process moving along smoothly at all times. Everything was explained to me at each stage in the process in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend Carmody Moran Solicitors to anyone for quality legal services.
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Luke Ivers
Caila at carmody Moran is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Always attentive and always keeping you update. Caila took a lot of the stress out of the leg work having everything ready and constantly in contact with us. Would recommend Carmody Moran to anyone. They're all lovely to deal with and so helpful.
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John Corr
We recently engaged with Carmody Moran Solicitors for a property purchase. From start to finish I found their service to be highly efficient and accommodating at all times . Caila in their office was very pleasant to deal with . I would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.
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Laura Butler
Absolutely fantastic, I would highly recommend. Prompt responses, clear and helpful communication, very diligent, and absolutely lovely to deal with. Caila is a star. Even my estate agent was full of praise!
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Aileen Power
Carmody Moran recently helped me with the sale of my home. Niamh, Caila and all the team were fantastic to deal with from start to finish. They explained everything so clearly, were extremely professional, efficient and always responded promptly. On top of that they were just such a friendly group of people to deal with. I would highly recommend them.
The client service was really great. Understanding, easy to deal with and reactive
Joe Marsh
Joe Marsh
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Kenneth Ohaa
Kenneth Ohaa
I got the keys to my new house a few weeks back. I cannot recommend Carmody Moran Solicitors highly enough. It was a bit lengthy as I was buying and selling at the same time. In such cases you need experienced and competent solicitors such as Carmody Moran Solicitors.Stephanie and Helen were a pleasure to work with. Very transparent and communicative. Also occasionally dealt with Lucy and Caila. They were brilliant as well.I would like to say Thank you to the entire Carmody Moran team.Kenneth
Salt Almighty
Salt Almighty
I needed a solicitor to arrange a mortgage, and they went above and beyond to help me !I would advise them to anyone
Andrew Grime
Andrew Grime
My partner and I recently made the acquisition of our first home and it was a lengthy and difficult process, due to the fact we were buying from a receiver.In such difficult cases, you will need a legal representation as competent and professional as Carmody Moran Solicitors on your side.We were primarily dealing with Stephanie who gave us regular updates, helped us understand what is happening and what to do. We felt our interest always came first which made every appointment with her something we looked forward to.We were also occasionally in contact with Lucy, Niamh and other brilliant members of the firm, all of whom provided an excellent level of support and knowledge in Stephanie's absence.I couldn't recommend Carmody Moran enough. I would like to give a heartfelt thank-you on behalf of myself and my partner to every one involved at the firm who helped us make our dream a reality. We will not hesitate to call upon your services again should the occasion arise.Andrew.
I would highly recommend Carmody Moran Solicitors. Niamh Moran and her team helped and supported me through the sale of my home. The transaction was dealt with efficiently and quickly. Every step was clearly explained from the Sale Questionnaire, Contract for Sale to Completion.
We just got the keys to our dream home 🏡 special thanks to Stephanie,Helen,Caila and Carmody Moran team.All the girls are very friendly and helpful.Stephanie was a pleasure to have you as our solicitor.Highly recommend!
We've just got the keys to our dream home and Carmody Moran has helped us with all the legal work. We've been dealing with Stephanie and Helen and they both have been great: friendly, professional and communicative. The whole process can be intimidating at times, but they've made sure to make it as easy as possible for us. They've represented us well. Highly recommended.
ciara daly
ciara daly
Anthony and his team went above and beyond for me, everything was always looked after and I was constantly kept in the loop for my RTA case. From phone calls to emails to dealing with insurers. Gave me great peace of mind that I chose the right solicitor and Anthony himself is a gentleman. I would highly recommend Carmody Moran Solicitors.
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