Carmody Moran Solicitors practise extensively in the area of dispute resolution and breach of contract litigation.

If you find that you are worried and anxious about a debt or financial liability matter, we can assist you in making a claim for damages or provide legal representation if you are facing a civil claim for breach of contract and can provide advice regarding what is involved in such matters and the financial consequences,

The pragmatic, clear and concise advice of the solicitors at Carmody Moran is aimed at reducing stress and worry and legal costs.

If we believe a dispute can be resolved by alternative means such as mediation or early negotiations, we will advise you and assist you in adopting a strategy to protect your interests and obtain justice for you.

Carmody Moran Solicitors will not take speculative cases or actions that we believe have little chance of success.  Our aim is to provide you with objective advice to help you make a fully informed decision about how to proceed.

Each case, be it for debt collection, breach of contract, professional negligence, or other disputes requires specific advice to deal with particular circumstances.

For further information please feel free to telephone us at 01-8272888 or use the enquiry form.