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With effect from 8 December 2010 new lower rates of stamp duty apply as follows:

Aggregate ConsiderationRate of Duty
First €1,000,0001%
Excess over €1,000,0002%

The transitional arrangements only apply to contracts executed before 8 December 2010.   Under the new provisions all property purchasers are liable for stamp duty.

For example based on a purchase price of €380,000, we estimate your duty as €3,800.

The same rates now apply to new and second hand properties, first time buyers, owner occupiers and investors.

We strongly recommend that you make your own independent enquiries by contacting the advisory staff of the Revenue Commissioners (01-6792777) Dublin Castle Stamp Duty Section, concerning the Rates of Stamp Duty applicable (if any) to your particular transaction.

The Law in this area is constant flux due to the intervention of successive Budgetary Provisions.


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