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Child Injury Dog Bite Claim successfully settled by Carmody Moran

A personal injury claim for a husky dog attack on a girl aged fifteen has been settled for €18,700. The claim was brought by the mother of the child and Carmody Moran acted on behalf of the plaintiff to secure […]

Crazy Cat Coughs up Compo after Attack on Neighbour

Recently I was stopped in my tracks when reading the court reports in national newspapers about a woman, Ms Maureen O’Hagan who recently sued her neighbours after she was attacked by their pet cat. Ms O’Hagan claimed that the cat […]

€150,000 compensation awarded to girl who was attacked by dog

A recent ruling by the High Court has approved an award to a twelve year old schoolgirl who was attacked by a Rottweiler dog and suffered severe injuries to her arm. The schoolgirl, Lauren Kelly was ‘thrown around like a […]