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Contesting a Will? Read these two successful case studies

There have been two landmark High Court judgments outlined below which have had implications for how wills can be contested in Ireland. Whilst one of the major tasks an executor of a will has to undertake after someone’s death is […]

The old reliables of death & taxes arise again with modern family treatment on RTE Liveline show

This particular radio programme concerned how step-children within an increasingly common modern family scenario may have different tax treatments in an inheritance context. I had the rare occasion of listening to Joe Duffy’s Liveline when driving back to the office from […]

Challenge by child to father’s will for lack of proper provision

In a recent case the daughter of a deceased parent has made a challenge to a will on the basis that it did not contain enough provision as an entitled beneficiary of her father’s estate. In a newly reported judgement […]

Probate Fraud: Where there’s a will there’s a relative…or two

It’s not often that you hear of underhand dealings, forging of wills, deception plots, and whistleblowers, unless you are watching an episode of Midsomers Murders or its ilk but an interesting case at Wexford Circuit Criminal Court has been making […]