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Injuries Board Book of Quantum 2016 | Compensation Award Estimates

After a 12 year hiatus from its first publication, The Injuries Board has now released an updated version of its Book of Quantum (embedded below) which provides estimates of what the average compensation claim awards for different bodily injury types in […]

Injuries Board claims: 6 reasons why you should have a solicitor

While applications can be made by claimants directly to the Injuries Board a significant  majority of people exercise their right to choose to obtain legal advice from a solicitor before making such claims for the the following reasons:   1. […]

Injuries Board release latest injury claims statistics

The Injuries Board has just released its 2012 Year Review and Carmody Moran Solicitors have created an interactive graph below showcasing the key statistics at a glance. ****************** The Injuries Board is a government body which makes personal injury awards […]

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Injuries Board reduces assessment fees for respondents

From the 1st January 2013, the Injuries Board has reduced its assessment fee from €850 to €600 for respondents/defendants.  This is the fee payable to the Injuries Board payable for assessing a claim made by a plaintiff / claimant.   […]

PIAB vs. the Injuries Board – Battle of the Brands

Despite PIAB’s rebranding effort in 2008, almost as many people still search in Google for “personal injuries assessment board” or “piab” than either “” or “injuries board”. According to Google* the average number of search queries per month in Ireland […]

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Injuries Board Claims Statistics Make Doleful News

The Injuries Board published their Interim Report 2012 last week.  As one of the few sources of data on personal injury claims in Ireland, the Board regularly provide a snapshot of the quantity and composition of compensation claims and awards. […]

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‘Back Injury’ has solicitors and censors bending over backwards

‘September 11th’ was not the only trending term on twitter on the day of the eleventh anniversary of the eponymous events.  On Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of twitter), the term ‘back injury’ saw a huge spike in mentions before […]

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Workplace Accident Statistics – Thursday is banana skin day

The 28th of April 2012 was ‘World Day for Health & Safety at Work’, and to mark the event the Injuries Board published a review of workplace accidents in 2011.   This review showed compensation totaling €22.5million was awarded in […]