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Irish insurance industry profiteering culture is finally being exposed

This is an excellent article written by the Indo’s Charlie Weston which throws cold water on the PR nonsense adopted by insurance companies’ attempts to persuade us to believe that it has been impossible for them to make money in this […]

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Skiing Injury Claims: Campaign for head cases on the piste!

Skiing accident compensation claims against tour operators, resort owners and insurance companies have been a feature of the industry for many years, but will mandatory helmets put a cap on it?   [UPDATE: In the aftermath of Michael Schumacher’s skiing […]

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Injuries Board Claims Statistics Make Doleful News

The Injuries Board published their Interim Report 2012 last week.  As one of the few sources of data on personal injury claims in Ireland, the Board regularly provide a snapshot of the quantity and composition of compensation claims and awards. […]

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‘Back Injury’ has solicitors and censors bending over backwards

‘September 11th’ was not the only trending term on twitter on the day of the eleventh anniversary of the eponymous events.  On Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of twitter), the term ‘back injury’ saw a huge spike in mentions before […]