This new ‘one month’ notification limit for injury claims is both ridiculous and self-defeating…and here’s why…

The legislation concerning claims for personal injury is now being changed quite fundamentally. Legislative measures include the the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Amendment) Act 2019 and Civil Liability & Courts Act amendments – which will give the Injuries Board [now rebranded […]

11 April 2019| personal injury| By:

Bus Crash Site at Mulhuddart M3 Bridge is Known Accident Blackspot

As was widely reported this week, a coach bus which was driving towards Mulhuddart coming from Blakestown Community College carrying schoolchildren crashed into the bridge underpass beneath the M3. Anyone who is familiar with the area will know this bridge […]

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Making a Will? Get a legal consultation for just €50!

Carmody Moran Solicitors are participating in My Legacy Week commencing Monday, 29 October 2018 in conjunction with charities’ umbrella group MyLegacy.   MyLegacy is a coalition of over 50 Irish charities that have come together to promote leaving a gift […]

22 October 2018| Wills & Probate| By:

Child Injury Dog Bite Claim successfully settled by Carmody Moran

A personal injury claim for a husky dog attack on a girl aged fifteen has been settled for €18,700. The claim was brought by the mother of the child and Carmody Moran acted on behalf of the plaintiff to secure […]

4 May 2018| personal injury| By:

Probate Claims by Children – Statute of Limitations

Time waits for no man…or child. In law there is a concept known as the Statute of Limitations – lawyers refer to this as ‘the Statute’. Essentially various time limits are put on various legal heads of claim within which […]

27 February 2018| Wills & Probate| By:

Inheritance Redress Scheme for Unmarried Cohabiting Couples

Did you know however that only married couples or registered civil partners are exempt from inheritance tax under current tax laws? Increasingly as a society couples live together and either postpone or choose not to marry. However, if you are […]

19 February 2018| Wills & Probate| By:

Contesting a Will? Read these two successful case studies

There have been two landmark High Court judgments outlined below which have had implications for how wills can be contested in Ireland. Whilst one of the major tasks an executor of a will has to undertake after someone’s death is […]

14 February 2018| Wills & Probate| By:

EU Directive rules for Claiming Compensation for Accidents Abroad

At this time of year, a lot of people contact us about accidents that they have had when they were on holiday abroad and in particular with regards to car accidents. We have all been in the situation whereby we […]

7 November 2017| personal injury| By:

Crazy Cat Coughs up Compo after Attack on Neighbour

Recently I was stopped in my tracks when reading the court reports in national newspapers about a woman, Ms Maureen O’Hagan who recently sued her neighbours after she was attacked by their pet cat. Ms O’Hagan claimed that the cat […]

10 April 2017| personal injury| By:

Irish Motorists could get Compensation for Court Fines Fiasco

Another week, another Garda scandal! We have now learned that a systems error within the Garda organisation had resulted in 14,700 motorists being wrongly summoned to court and convicted of various motoring offences. In essence these 14,700 people should never have ended […]

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