Regrettably, despite the best endeavours of agencies such as the Road Safety Authority, the Health and Safety Authority and other bodies, accidents happen and sometimes with fatal consequences. 

If a death occurred through the negligence of someone else, then the family and those who are financially dependent on the deceased can make a claim for the loss of that financial support which that person provided to his/her family and loved ones.

Clearly, this is a tragic event that has occurred and a traumatic one.  Nonetheless, it is important that your rights are protected at this difficult time.  Deteriorating financial circumstances can cause financial hardship and the law can assist in alleviating that.

Carmody Moran Solicitors are only too aware, through our experience in dealing with bereaved families that having gone through such a serious emotional trauma, of the importance of providing support and understanding at this difficult time and the need for practical, and above all expert legal advice to;

  • firstly, assess whether or not there is a legal action against a responsible party and
  • secondly, to assist you in dealing with that matter in a sensitive and timely manner at what is clearly a very difficult time.


Dealing with the loss of someone close can be all-consuming but time limits within which a case must be pursued apply, and time limits can be extremely short.  It is important,therefore, to seek expert legal advice from a solicitor without delay, if you are contemplating seeking compensation following a fatal accident.

You can rest assured that your enquiry will be handled sensitively and compassionately in absolute confidence by a member of our expert team.Our experienced team are dedicated to making sure that you receive the highest standard of client care and legal advice to result in the best outcome for you, the client.

Tony Carmody Solicitor‘Our aim is to listen, to help and to put right what we can. We are a professionally-led service and all our clients – whether they be defendant or claimant – can rest assured that their case will be handled by an experienced solicitor.’

– Anthony Carmody Law Partner


We believe it is important to:

  • provide clarity and excellence in service
  • provide maturity of judgement in analysing complex issues and making timely and accurate decisions
  • be completely transparent from the outset regarding legal costs
  • communicate clearly and with understanding
  • act with reliability and integrity
  • ensure that our clients have confidence in our experience
  • build strong relationships with our clients
  • provide a nationwide service