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In truth anyone who says that they can do a particular job is a ‘professional’. So how does one take a negligence case against a professional who causes financial or bodily injury?


Traditionally a professional was seen to refer to someone practising in a trade which was regulated by a professional body such as a solicitor, accountant, architect, engineer, veterinary surgeon etc.

Nowadays, anyone who is retained to do a job, as expected, can be regarded as a professional within their own sphere of expertise, and, as such, a builder, plumber or electrician can be regarded as professionals.

Professionals have to adhere to a certain standard and have a duty to do his/her jobby the book.

If for some reason they do not do their job properly andby the book’and that failure by them is a recognised breach in their duty of care to you, and because of this you get hurt or suffer a loss financially, then there is something you can do.

You can seek the advice of professional negligence solicitors and seek advice to determine if you may be able to take a case against that professional in Professional Negligence. [See also ourMedical Negligence practice page here.

If you have put your trust in a professional and they have let you down, you need advice you can trust and assistance to deal with experts in whom you can have absolute confidence in their ability integrity and experience in reviewing the matter with you.


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Special standards of care apply to skilled professionals and there are established tests at law that can apply to review the conduct expected of a reasonable person or professional.

If they do not adhere to their proper professional standards and you are at a financial loss or get hurt, or your family or your property suffer the consequences of this, we can assist you to obtain compensation.



At Carmody Moran Solicitors we understand that you need representation in which you can be confident will get you the best outcome for you. We understand that you need assurance that your case will be handled with integrity by expert Solicitors in their field from start to finish in a personal, sensitive, and expert manner.

‘Our aim is to listen and put right what we can and, where we cannot, review compensation for loss. We are a professional led service and clients both defendant and claimant can rest assured that their case will be handled by an experienced Solicitor.’

– Anthony Carmody, Firm Partner

We believe it is important to:;

  • provide clarity and excellence in service
  • provide maturity of judgement in analysing complex issues and making timely and accurate decisions
  • be completely transparent from the outset regarding legal costs
  • communicate clearly and with understanding
  • act with reliability and integrity
  • ensure that our clients have confidence in our experience
  • build strong relationships with our clients
  • provide a nationwide service

Our experienced team are dedicated to making sure that you receive the best of client care and legal advice to result in the best outcome for you, the client.

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The two partners of Carmody Moran solicitors have a combined total of in excess of twenty five years professional legal experience. Together with their associates they aim to make the Court process as straight forward and navigable as possible while being on hand to alleviate their clients concerns and worries about going through the Court process.

Anthony Carmody is one of the founding Partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors.

He has significant experience in personal injury cases and general litigation having handled literally thousands of cases on behalf of clients based in Ireland and abroad.

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Niamh Moran is one of the founding partners of Carmody Moran Solicitors and is a solicitor with wide ranging experience across all areas of general practice.

Niamh manages the family lawconveyancing and probate divisions of the practice. Niamh’s practice of law is extremely varied and she is regularly sought out for her expertise by clients and colleagues alike.

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