Family Law – Funding Options

At Carmody Moran Solicitors we know that in addition to having your case handled by experienced professionals with the highest level of expertise and sensitivity, that cost is a serious factor.


Initial Consultation in family law matters – €225 (including vat)

In the course of this one hour consultation with an experienced qualified family law Solicitor your initial options will be assessed and advised upon as well as practical advice furnished to try assist and alleviate your current situation. Your Solicitor will be able to advise you of your options and future costs and you can then decide how you wish to proceed.


Straight Forward Uncontested Divorce

Subject to terms and conditions if matters have previously been resolved by way of an Order for Judicial Separation or reduced to a undisputed Separation Agreement fees for a straight forward divorce with no ancillary orders range from €3,000 to €4,500 plus v.a.t. @ 23%.

As every case is different we will discuss the likely costs with you at the end of the first initial consultation and if you decide to proceed furnish you with a full written estimate of the cost.

Separation Agreements where assets are less than €250,000

In straight forward matters, separation agreements can be drafted following mediation or direct negotiation to resolve issues for in the region of €1,600 to €2,500 plus v.a.t. @ 23%.   In such matters a written estimate will issue to you following your first initial consultation. 

Bespoke Funding Services

We know that like families every family law case is different and everyone’s circumstances are different. We will discuss with you frankly the likely costs involved and do our best to estimate these at the outset. Our billing processes are extremely transparent and it is our practice irrespective of funding arrangements to quarterly update clients on their account in such matters.

Many of our clients organise a monthly payment on account towards fees which amount is then credited against each quarterly bill. This has the advantage of our clients not facing a huge legal bill when their case is finalised.

At Carmody Moran we do not believe in ‘shock’ billing, we appreciate that clients want experience, expertise, and transparency and value for money. We are happy to enter into bespoke fixed fee arrangements with clients which arrangements are assessed on a case by case basis.

Your next step

Please feel free to contact us in absolute confidence either by telephoning our office or by completing the online enquiry box on our website. We can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements further.